Be.e Electric Scooter Made From Bio-Composite & Flax

Dutch firm Waarmakers, in conjunction with Van.eko, launched the first model of an incredible machine on June 27. It’s an electric scooter dubbed the Be.e, which features a body made entirely of biocomposite.
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The Be.e features a m…
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UNICEF Launches Creative Campaign Against Pedophilia In Chile

Trick Or Treat
Handling a sensitive issue like pedophilia exceptionally well, this advertisement by UNICEF is a memorable one, bringing awareness in a thought provoking fashion.
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Trick Or Treat for UNICEF is an incentive that has been running for…
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Qwerkywriter For iPad

A throwback to old-school typewriters, this modern mechanical keyboard with antique stylings, is a lovingly designed and unique product.
Typewritershave long been the domain of writers, bent over a cumbersome, yet beautiful machine, working late into the night on one frenzied piece or…
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International Drone Photography Awards

Drone photography is still in its nascent stages but boy, is it making a splash! Here are some spectacular examples of this art form from the recently concluded International Drone Photography Awards.
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Winning Entries
Birds in…
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A Promotional Video By Bernard Magri For Solo

Produced by Bernard Magri, a British animator from the UK, this promotional video is nothing short of inspiring. The video advertises Solo, which is a project management tool that assists creative freelancers. What sets Solo apart from the rest is that it has a rather charming user interface…
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The Ultimate Selfie Design By Sebastien Del Grosso

Sébastien Del Grosso is a unique French artist who has taken to merging photography with sketches to draw the attention of viewers worldwide. Here is a rather captivating series of images created by him which depict him repeatedly drawing things and even himself into existence. The collection of …
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The New Smartwatch By Arrow Has A 360 Degree Camera

Another day, another smartwatch. What is so impressive about the Arrow smartwatch that you should trade the four others on your wrist for, you ask? Read on to find out.
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The Arrow smartwatch comes with a feature that has not…
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DaWanda – A Brilliant Idea For e-Commerce

Tired of factory-made items that seem to always offer the same features over and over again? It’s time for a change, then. Head over to this cool online marketplace, DaWanda, for completely unique handmade items and pick what you like.
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Food Design By Dan Cretu

Creativity by far has no limitations, and what better way to prove that than by expressing it? Like this guy here from Romania, who created wonders with food.
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Dan Cretu clearly had a fetish for playing with food as a kid, but who’s…
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Printed Pasta, Cereal And Burgers Are On Their Way

If you are a foodie of the kind who doesn’t fancy waiting around for your food to be made, this might interest you on many levels. From the insights of a 3D printing expert who cofounded the design studio called Freedom of Creation, here are some reasons why food is undeniably the next…
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