DaWanda – A Brilliant Idea For e-Commerce

Tired of factory-made items that seem to always offer the same features over and over again? It’s time for a change, then. Head over to this cool online marketplace, DaWanda, for completely unique handmade items and pick what you like.
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Food Design By Dan Cretu

Creativity by far has no limitations, and what better way to prove that than by expressing it? Like this guy here from Romania, who created wonders with food.
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Dan Cretu clearly had a fetish for playing with food as a kid, but who’s…
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Printed Pasta, Cereal And Burgers Are On Their Way

If you are a foodie of the kind who doesn’t fancy waiting around for your food to be made, this might interest you on many levels. From the insights of a 3D printing expert who cofounded the design studio called Freedom of Creation, here are some reasons why food is undeniably the next…
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Adidas Teams Up With Dean Potter To Create ‘When Dogs Fly’

Base jumping in a wing suit is one thing, but base jumping in a wing suit with your dog is a whole other. Watch closely as self-described aerialist, Dean Potter, performs this inspirational base jump with his dog Whisper in a wing suit, courtesy of Adidas.
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Nike’s ‘The Baddest’ Commercial With Kevin Durrant

Who’s the baddest of them all? No, we’re not talking about the stealing cookies kind of bad, we’re talking BAD. Nike answers that question for you with their new commercial featuring Kevin ‘Bad’ Durrant. The commercial came out at the same time as the unveiling of the new signature line KD VII by…
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Germany’s Dusseldorf Airport Now Has A Robot For Valet Parking

Take heed, for technology is making attempts to take over every aspect of life as you know it. A whole new method of valet parking has dawned upon us, and it will not need any humans at all. At the Dusseldorf Airport in Germany, the Ray – a robotic system, parks cars for customers in the…
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Woodspot: A Hexagonal Table Lamp By Alessandro Zambelli

Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli designed the Woodspot, an iconic table lamp produced by Mantua – based brand Seletti. Zambelli will present his lamp at the next edition of Maison & Objet, scheduled in Paris for 5 to 9 September.
Woodspot rests like a photo frame with a prop…
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