Cardboard: virtual reality on your smartphone

Among the more interesting “products” introduced at last month’s Google I/O Conference was Google Cardboard, a do-it-yourself virtual reality kit. Google with Cardboard allows anyone to experience virtual reality in a fun and cheap way.
How? Transforming your smartphone into a…
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An Animated Short Illustration By Pier Paolo – Cinematics

Animation is the new fad, just like skinheads are the new dudes in town. Moving pictures may have captured everyone’s attention, but here is animation with a whole new twist to it. Pier Paolo created this animation using characters rendered in flat design to bring a new meaning to this evolving c…
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Brasse 31BLK Mod Kit For Kawasaki Ninja 250

If you’re absolutely sick of there being only two extremes in the kind of motorcycles we get these days, here is one with a whole new outlook. Named the BRASSE 31BLK Mod Kit for the Kawasaki Ninja250, this bike was made for the riders who wish for everything in moderation.
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LaMetric Customizable Smart Display

If you’ve been fascinated for long by display options that can be programmed according to your desires, then this new piece of technology is just the thing for you. Called the ‘LaMetric’, this device is a ticker-like, small display that is connected to the Internet and is fully progr…
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A Motorized Surfboard By WaveJet

Surfing can be a rather strenuous thing to do, especially because your body acts as the sole source of all power and propulsion in the sport. Imagine what it would be like if surfing meant simply standing on your board and taking in the beautiful waves around you. Thanks to WaveJet, you can now…
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Star Wars Characters Get Flat Design-ed

Star Wars started a craze around the world that is still very much alive. So many versions of the Star Wars characters have been created, but apparently there was still one stone left unturned.
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Thanks to Portuguese designer, Filipe C…
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The BMW Motorrad Concept Roadster

Not so long after introducing the world to the new R nine T concept, BMW is all set for round two, this time with the concept for the BMW Motorrad Roadster. Unveiled at the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance on Lake Como, the vehicle was shown alongside a range of BMW 328 Roadsters as well as oth…
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