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Printed Pasta, Cereal And Burgers Are On Their Way

If you are a foodie of the kind who doesn’t fancy waiting around for your food to be made, this might interest you on many levels. From the insights of a 3D printing expert who cofounded the design studio called Freedom of Creation, here are some reasons why food is undeniably the next…
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The EKOCYCLE Cube Is One Hell Of A 3D Printer

Who says that you can’t be more than two things at once? will.i.am is all set to prove that right with his remarkable expertise as an entrepreneur as well as a chief creative officer apart from a very popular musician.
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The singer is now c…
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Local Motors Prints Out A 3D Car

As the concept of 3D printing gains more and more popularity around the world, a certain car manufacturer has set its eyes on the idea for developing its newest model. Local Motors introduced a contest for communities to submit designs for parts of its new electric vehicle, which it will create…
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Nike Roshe Run Designed By AW Lab

The popular Roshe Run model by Nike has recently been introduced into the NIKEiD catalog by the company as it went public with its plans. The design of the shoes features a minimal running-inspired concept that has lent itself to several memorable Quickstrike releases in past months.
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Game Of Thrones Keyarts By Sasha

If you’re a crazily obsessed fan of the Game of Thrones TV series, the best way to express your love for it would definitely be with a wallpaper for your desktop. Created by Russian graphic designer Sasha Vinogradova, these wallpapers are nothing short of brilliant.
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Everything You Need To Know About 3D Printing

If you’ve been fascinated with the art of 3D printing lately, this is the perfect read for you. Constantly reforming the world by producing all kinds of objects, 3D printing is one heck of a technology.
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Thinking ahead, 3D printing can f…
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The Coolest Emoticon Apps For Your SmartPhone

This is the era of wireless communication, which, more often than not, involves face-less socializing between individuals. Texting and ‘Whatsapping’ may seem to eliminate humanized conversations, but that’s when emoticons come into play, letting you conveniently express exactly how you feel….
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The Lytro Illum Camera

The Lytro Camera came and gripped the world’s attention with its incredible technology, and subsequently paved the way for its successor, the Lytro Illum Camera. Centered on light-field camera technology, the Illum is an elegantly futuristic camera that is sure to revolutionize the world of d…
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Ralf Holleis’ 3D Printed Track Bike

A super lightweight track bike, the VRZ was created by European product designer Ralf Holleis with the help of 3D printing technology. What’s better than being able to print the bike of your dreams in one shot, instead of having to assemble it piece by piece? Ralf Holleis shows you how it’s don…
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3D Optical Illusions Of 2D Lamps

Out of a completely flat 2D lamp, comes a 3D optical illusion, amazing. All thanks to Studio Cheha, actually not true, thanks should also go out the many people who funded their project on Kickstarter.
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Quick Look
In a glance you see 3-dimensional…
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