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Galaxy 11 – The Game

The Galaxy 11 game is totally new to you? Do you remember when figures of aliens were spotted around the globe and in different stadiums in Europe? (get more inspiration about it).
Well, the Galaxy 11 Team┬áhas already been set up for fighting aliens and save the planet in this earth-saving game. …
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The New Scrambler Ducati 2015 Is Here

At this moment we have something very special and unique to announce.
Millions of motorcycle fanatics from all over the world have been anxious to seek the latest model of Ducati that will be announced this coming year. You can’t even begin to imagine or put into words what Ducati has in…
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Coca Cola Bottles “2nd Lives”

Coca Cola invented 16 awesome caps to turn empty bottles into something useful for their customers.
Ogilvy & Mather China created this campaign for showing benefits of these innovative invention. Get inspired!


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