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Honda’s Futuristic Luxury Jet Is An Eyeful

To most, Honda is a maker of the everyday car — affordable, safe, practical, fuel efficient road transportation that neither excites nor offends. To some, it’s also a maker of motorcycles.
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To a few, it’s the maker of Asimo, the pe…
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Skyrunner – The Car That Flies

Designed for those who have been scouring the Earth for the ultimate adrenaline rush, the SkyRunner is a flying car of sorts that is as fast as a Porsche. Claiming to be the absolute recreational vehicle, the SkyRunner is being developed by a British engineering firm.
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The GoPro LA100 Drone Gets An Update By Lehmann Aviation

The LA100 fully autonomous fixed-wing UAV was first introduced by Lehmann Aviation France about two years ago. Designed to carry the GoPro Hero camera and fly around capturing aerial shots, the LA100 was one of the most adored GoPro accessories until its second version came out.
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