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Cardboard: virtual reality on your smartphone

Among the more interesting “products” introduced at last month’s Google I/O Conference was Google Cardboard, a do-it-yourself virtual reality kit. Google with Cardboard allows anyone to experience virtual reality in a fun and cheap way.
How? Transforming your smartphone into a…
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The New Slingshot App By Facebook

If there’s one app that truly caught everyone’s attention in a very short time, it is Snapchat. As more and more clones of the app come up every day, this one might just stand out among them, mostly because it is linked to Facebook.
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A Mobile Campaign By Google And WWF

Whether you’re in a library, store, coffee shop or elsewhere – this app will identify any book by its cover, count the number of pages, and even determine density and format of the paper. Named ‘Free-A-Tree’, this app is also capable of showing how much timber it took to produce the book and offe…
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Facebook Launches Shazam-like Music ID Feature

Last year, Facebook added a new button for posting your “feelings” in a status update. You could type in your anguish, ecstasy, or apathy and see the corresponding emoji appear. You could also add “activities” like watching Princess Diaries, listening to a hot Pitbull tr…
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Quirky Aros – The Smart Air Conditioner

Aros by Quirky has been widely dubbed as the smartest air conditioner in the world, and is part of the collection of Quirky + GE connected products.
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The smart air conditioner grasps every habit and usage pattern that you exhibit, and automatically a…
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Money Wall – A Perfect App For Your Expenses

Money Wall is an innovative and well designed free app designed to help you in managing your expenses and budget.
One of the strenghts of this app is the simple way of using. As we said in another post, flat design is a real trand and a lot of developers and designers are adopting it. Flat …
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Niwa – Grow Your Plants With Your Smartphone

A world first, this smartphone-controlled plant growing system called Niwa is the best way to have the freshest and healthiest food right at your fingertips. With this new technology gadget of 2014, you can come home to a fresh produce every day, and subsequently build a healthier, safer and…
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