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A Promotional Video By Bernard Magri For Solo

Produced by Bernard Magri, a British animator from the UK, this promotional video is nothing short of inspiring. The video advertises Solo, which is a project management tool that assists creative freelancers. What sets Solo apart from the rest is that it has a rather charming user interface…
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The New Slingshot App By Facebook

If there’s one app that truly caught everyone’s attention in a very short time, it is Snapchat. As more and more clones of the app come up every day, this one might just stand out among them, mostly because it is linked to Facebook.
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SnapUp Is The New Shoppable Pinterest

Bargain hunting is not as easy as it seems, but this new mobile application called SnapUp is all set to change that. Launched last week with the help of a crowdfunding venture, the app is aimed at minimizing the task of looking for bargaining to simply taking a screenshot.
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Take Handsfree Selfies With The GoCam App

The selfie craze is fast taking over every aspect of our lives, and countless gadgets and apps have come to being to make the task of selfie-taking easier. The GoCam app is one such mobile app that is aimed at letting you take a picture of yourself without touching any part of your screen or…
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Wrap-Genius Personalized Food Labels

Being a constantly evolving and improving field of research, nutrition is a science that aims to solve all of your uncertainties about whether you should eat more vitamins or whether carbohydrates help you gain weight.
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If only there was a system…
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The BMW M3/M4 Comes With An Integrated App For GoPro

If geting a GoPro suction cupped to the front part of your vehicle has been a headache, this new collaboration with BMW is just what you need. Giving you the perfect angle for capturing the scenic drive or road race that you’re pursuing, this partnership is going to be nothing short of…
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The Best Apps Of FIFA World Cup 2014

As the soccer plague catches up with every kind of enthusiast around the world, a selection of very impressive apps have been released in the spirit of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
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The international games will go on for a…
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Vessyl Cup Can Tell You What You’re Drinking

Ever had that experience where you were drinking out of a mug and had no idea what was inside it? Well, that’s never going to happen again if you get yourself this cool new cup called Vessyl.
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What is r…
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The Brazil Fourteen Poster By Karoshi

As the FIFA fever rages on, what better way to honor its advent than with a work of simplistic art that celebrates it? Brazil Fourteen is one such treat to the eye that was made specially to mark the ongoing World Cup in Brazil.
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A Mobile Campaign By Google And WWF

Whether you’re in a library, store, coffee shop or elsewhere – this app will identify any book by its cover, count the number of pages, and even determine density and format of the paper. Named ‘Free-A-Tree’, this app is also capable of showing how much timber it took to produce the book and offe…
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