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Take Handsfree Selfies With The GoCam App

The selfie craze is fast taking over every aspect of our lives, and countless gadgets and apps have come to being to make the task of selfie-taking easier. The GoCam app is one such mobile app that is aimed at letting you take a picture of yourself without touching any part of your screen or…
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The New Apple iWatch Will Be Revolutionary

Investors who are interested Apple stock have undoubtedly been well aware of the ongoing headlines of a rumored iWatch from Apple. If Apple does, indeed, launch an iWatch, it will be a defining moment for the company. Let’s take a look at the potential impact the device could have on A…
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An iPhone 6 Prototype With Curvy Screen

Adding fuel to rumors about a curved screen design for the upcoming iPhone 6, these photos of a dummy model by Sonny Dickson are pretty darn interesting. Why should we believe Sonny Dickson, you say? Because he has been a noted leaker of Apple products since the beginning of time. He recently…
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Apple’s CarPlay Integrated In Volvo

After long anticipation and many prototypes, Apple finally teamed up with Volvo to offer the first public demonstration of CarPlay, held in the U.S. after it was introduced at the International Motor Show in Geneva this March, the in-car operating system was shown off at the International Auto…
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LG To Make Flexible Display For Apple’s iWatch

As the world waits with bated breath for the release of Apple’s much-adored smartwatch, the company teams up with LG to design its display – which will be flexible.
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Clearly, Apple took note when LG released its curvy G Flex Smartphone last year. The im…
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