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Wally Identity – A Packaging System

Character is an agency based in San Francisco which deals with creating graphic identities for packaging purposes. Their latest project was one for the thermal sensor and humidity product, Wally, where they developed a truly impressive graphic identity that fully shows their extensive talent in…
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Groupon’s Gnome Helps The iPad Take Over Cash Registers

As new technology gadgets of 2014 seem to be taking over every aspect of the current world we live in, cash registers are no exception. Ever since mobile payment systems like Square and Paypal transformed checkout lanes to a great degree, there is little room for the cash register. Making it…
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A Connected Lab-In-A-Box For On-Demand Health Testing

As quantified self and quantified health trends frequently overlap, only a handful of startups are tightly screwed into that sticking place. Cue is one of them; a San Diego-based startup, which was founded back in 2009 in the midst of the swine flu peak.
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Drift Light – The Light That Looks Like The Setting Sun

If you absolutely hate waking up to a murderous glare from the sun, Drift Light is for you. Making sure your light goes down slowly rather than all at once, this light that is controlled by the number of times you flip your light switch.
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Quitbit – A Smart Lighter That Helps You Quit Smoking

If you’ve been struggling with quitting smoking since the beginning of time, here is an easy fix. Who knew that the one thing that could truly help you quit smoking would be what you use to light your cigarettes with?
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Volvo’s New Inflatable Child Seat Concept

Generally bulky and difficult to handle, car child seats are usually a pain in the behind for parents trying to get them into place. One of the biggest tasks that you need to accomplish before you get your family on the road is getting a child seat into the car and getting your child into that…
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High Definition Sportsbuds By BlueAnt Pump

Bluetooth headphones are the ultimate advancement in the world of wireless listening. You don’t have to worry about getting your earphones tangled anymore; you can wear them while running, working, and exercising without compromising comfort or quality of audio.
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