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Qwerkywriter For iPad

A throwback to old-school typewriters, this modern mechanical keyboard with antique stylings, is a lovingly designed and unique product.
Typewritershave long been the domain of writers, bent over a cumbersome, yet beautiful machine, working late into the night on one frenzied piece or…
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Helping To Make Friends With The Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

Everyone remembers their first day at college – and most of those memories are filled with feelings of awkwardness and anxiety. But that won’t happen anymore, because the Coca-Cola’s Friendly Twist Campaign is here to save the day! Using a clever new way for freshers at a university in Columbia t…
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The Universal Typeface Experiment By BIC Pens

In an attempt to unify all the handwritings of the world into one solid typeface, BIC Pens has launched a campaign that is aimed at creating a universal human font.
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Allowing users to add their own writing to the…
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Wildlife Selfie Campaign By Silvio Medeiros

Art director Silvio Medeiros collaborated with Diomedia Stock Photos Brazil as a promotional campaign for their new collection of wildlife images to develop a humorous advertising series.
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It’s all in here – from pandas in elevators to gorill…
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Tiny Cokes Launch – Ogivly & Mather Berlin

As a promotional stunt for the launch of the all-new tiny coke cans, Coca-Cola has teamed up with the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Berlin to deploy and install miniature kiosks in Germany. Throughout five major cities in the country, the kiosks have managed to sell about 380 cans every…
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Lurpak commercial: butter that will take you to the moon and back

Lurpak have done it again. A product so everyday and essential that finally ditches the sweet figure mum cooking mundane weekly dinners, and delivers a brand that not only presents itself in such effortless style – this time takes us on an epic journey to the moon and back, right in our very own …
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