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Woodspot: A Hexagonal Table Lamp By Alessandro Zambelli

Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli designed the Woodspot, an iconic table lamp produced by Mantua – based brand Seletti. Zambelli will present his lamp at the next edition of Maison & Objet, scheduled in Paris for 5 to 9 September.
Woodspot rests like a photo frame with a prop…
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Cardboard: virtual reality on your smartphone

Among the more interesting “products” introduced at last month’s Google I/O Conference was Google Cardboard, a do-it-yourself virtual reality kit. Google with Cardboard allows anyone to experience virtual reality in a fun and cheap way.
How? Transforming your smartphone into a…
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Star Wars Characters Get Flat Design-ed

Star Wars started a craze around the world that is still very much alive. So many versions of the Star Wars characters have been created, but apparently there was still one stone left unturned.
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Thanks to Portuguese designer, Filipe C…
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Mesmerising Space Foodscapes And Tiny Tiny Crimes

Star biscuits, marshmallow constellations and coffee satellites – all these foodie delights come together to form wondrous and encapsulating space foodscapes.

Photo illustrator, Dina Belenko, turn everyday mess, chaos and spillages into moments of visual magic. In the f…
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Philippe Starck Quotes Selection by The Dots

The concept behind The Dots bags is all about people individualities. We’ve created our bags to let people communicate their stories, their mood, their ideas and inspire others every single day.
We have decided to start our collection of quotes by inspired people, with an iconic designer…
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10 Best Designs Moto 360 Watch Face

The Moto 360 smart watch is all set to be unveiled in the summer of this year, and the suspense is truly nail-biting for fans and gadget geeks alike. A contest to select the design for the watch face was held by the company with more than 1,300 participants from around the world.
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OON: a new creative power strip from LA

Talking about sockets or plastic power strips may sound like the last thing you want to do. Sockets are white, boring and they are on everyone’s floors. However, it shouldn’t be that way!
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In the hands of designers they can become really cool home acc…
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The New Scrambler Ducati 2015 Is Here

At this moment we have something very special and unique to announce.
Millions of motorcycle fanatics from all over the world have been anxious to seek the latest model of Ducati that will be announced this coming year. You can’t even begin to imagine or put into words what Ducati has in…
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The Heydar Aliyev Center By Zaha Hadid Architects

Appointed to design the architectural aspects of the Heydar Aliyev Center, Zaha Hadid Architects are a group that hails from Baku, Azerbaijan. The project was designed by architect Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu and covers an area of 101801.0 sqm.
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The Center
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