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Vessyl Cup Can Tell You What You’re Drinking

Ever had that experience where you were drinking out of a mug and had no idea what was inside it? Well, that’s never going to happen again if you get yourself this cool new cup called Vessyl.
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FlameStower Fire Charger Lets You Charge Your Gadgets With Fire

If you absolutely hate having to lose charge on your portable devices and subsequently on their portable chargers, FlameStower is just what you need. Using the heat from open fire, FlameStower converts the energy to electricity that you can use to charge your phone.
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The Coolest Electronic Gadgets For The Modern Man

When you’re a man of the 21st century, you want everything you own to reflect your masculinity. On that note, here are some fascinating electronic gadgets that are rugged and macho in every way.
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1. Marshall Stanmore Speakers
A loudspeaker w…
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