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Food Design By Dan Cretu

Creativity by far has no limitations, and what better way to prove that than by expressing it? Like this guy here from Romania, who created wonders with food.
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Dan Cretu clearly had a fetish for playing with food as a kid, but who’s…
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Wrap-Genius Personalized Food Labels

Being a constantly evolving and improving field of research, nutrition is a science that aims to solve all of your uncertainties about whether you should eat more vitamins or whether carbohydrates help you gain weight.
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If only there was a system…
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Colored Food Series – Blue turkey with a side of green noodles?

Colored Food Series – Lawrie Brown
Green Ice Cream

© Lawrie Brown
Lawrie Brown, fine arts photographer from California, warps our perception of every day foods with this vibrant and somewhat bizarre photo series. Using latex paints, Lawrie boldly covers every day foods in bright unnatural col…
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