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Nissan Unveils The Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Ever wondered what a supercar from the future would look like in reality? Here is a look at Nissan’s Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, which reflects the true definition of a futuristic supercar.
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Showcased at the Goodwood F…
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The Best Apps Of FIFA World Cup 2014

As the soccer plague catches up with every kind of enthusiast around the world, a selection of very impressive apps have been released in the spirit of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
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The international games will go on for a…
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The Brazil Fourteen Poster By Karoshi

As the FIFA fever rages on, what better way to honor its advent than with a work of simplistic art that celebrates it? Brazil Fourteen is one such treat to the eye that was made specially to mark the ongoing World Cup in Brazil.
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World Cup Fever-Inducing Nike Ad

As you would have imagined, the new ad for the World Cup by Nike is nothing short of brilliant, and stars Cristiano Ronaldo apart from many other soccer players. The four minute spot titled “Winner Stays” features a medley of soccer demigods and even has some surprising appearances in it – like t…
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