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Nike’s ‘The Baddest’ Commercial With Kevin Durrant

Who’s the baddest of them all? No, we’re not talking about the stealing cookies kind of bad, we’re talking BAD. Nike answers that question for you with their new commercial featuring Kevin ‘Bad’ Durrant. The commercial came out at the same time as the unveiling of the new signature line KD VII by…
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Ouya New Video Game Console

Posing as tough competition to the existing gaming consoles that we all know and adore, OUYA is an all-new product that works with your TV and is powered by Android. OUYA looks like a tiny little box, but don’t be deceived – it is packed with power. To produce games for the living room, you as a …
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The Rules Of The Cool Acrobatic Game Bossaball

You may have heard of Bossaball, or you may have not. So here is a whole article dedicated to the task of briefing you about the game of Bossaball, from start to finish. An extremely unusual sport, Bossaball is a rather dynamic and energetic game impressively combines the many facets of soccer…
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A Frightening Oculus Rift Game

Computer games have been around for more than a decade now, and some have been so brilliant that they are now classified as classics. Perhaps the most addictive are those games that set your adrenaline pumping, usually of the horror variety.
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