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Cardboard: virtual reality on your smartphone

Among the more interesting “products” introduced at last month’s Google I/O Conference was Google Cardboard, a do-it-yourself virtual reality kit. Google with Cardboard allows anyone to experience virtual reality in a fun and cheap way.
How? Transforming your smartphone into a…
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Google’s Video Quality Report About YouTube

If you’ve always wondered how it is that video streaming works, then here are some interesting insights from Google about the video quality differences on YouTube.
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The video you are trying to watch on YouTube is taken from one of the many c…
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Google`s Roadmap to World Domination

“We want to paint the world, about one pixel to one inch.” – Luc Vincent, head of imagery for Google Maps.
Inspired By: NonConcept
Google Maps, everyone uses it. But how did Google rise up through the ranks and make Google Maps such a useful product? This infographic try to explain that and looki…
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A Mobile Campaign By Google And WWF

Whether you’re in a library, store, coffee shop or elsewhere – this app will identify any book by its cover, count the number of pages, and even determine density and format of the paper. Named ‘Free-A-Tree’, this app is also capable of showing how much timber it took to produce the book and offe…
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Money Wall – A Perfect App For Your Expenses

Money Wall is an innovative and well designed free app designed to help you in managing your expenses and budget.
One of the strenghts of this app is the simple way of using. As we said in another post, flat design is a real trand and a lot of developers and designers are adopting it. Flat …
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Google Celebrates 2014 World Cup With “Tour The Streets of Brazil”

Today, after trying to start our usual search on Google, we discovered their amazing initiative made for celebrate the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
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What They Did
Google created a dedicated page powered by Google Maps‘ technology and using their Photo …
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Facebook’s Interesting Announcements At F8

At Mark Zuckerberg’s F8 developers conference for Facebook that took place on April 30, 2014 at The Concourse, San Francisco, California, some very interesting announcements were made. From intentions of controlling the Internet to ads for mobile devices, Facebook plans to make a lot of strong m…
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A Google Glass Explorer Story: Into The Wild

Of all the official videos on the Google Glass YouTube page, this is perhaps one of the more inspiring ones. A partnership of Google Glass with WWF, this video shows an Explorer Story in search of rhinos through the jungles of Nepal. Bringing to light the fact that Google Glass can be used as a…
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This Time Around, Google Focuses On Design

When you think about what Google does, as in internal workings, you would think that they heavily focus on computer science and algorithms. That is true, but this time around, they will be focusing on design, more and more.
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Wool Knitted Food

Have you ever wanted some delicious-looking wool knitted food? A lamb burger with fries maybe? or maybe a well-rounded English breakfast. Well, model maker Jessica Dance has made some yummy-looking imperishables, to look at and say “Awe.. Nice” and smile.
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