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The Quest For Sea Ice – A GoPro Video About Polar Bears

Following polar bears around in the Arctic Ocean with GoPro cameras is no piece of cake, but an even bigger struggle is these animals’ quest to find an abode of ice. This is a video made in collaboration with Arctic Exploration Fund, focused solely on these big white furry bundles of joy, and s…
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The BMW M3/M4 Comes With An Integrated App For GoPro

If geting a GoPro suction cupped to the front part of your vehicle has been a headache, this new collaboration with BMW is just what you need. Giving you the perfect angle for capturing the scenic drive or road race that you’re pursuing, this partnership is going to be nothing short of…
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Shark Attack Accidentaly Filmed With GoPro

What if you’re practicing cliff jumping and the first thing you hear after emerging to the surface is “Shark! Shark! Behind you!“.
This guy was very lucky, because after adjusting his GoPro on his head, jumping off the cliff and after noticing the shark right close to him, he…
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Viral Video: Around the World in 360° Selfies

As the obsession with selfies starts to take over our lives more and more, here is one person who puts it to use in a way that his viewers are completely fascinated. Alex Chacon, a photographer, has been throttling around the world for 600 days, taking selfies everywhere.
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The GoPro LA100 Drone Gets An Update By Lehmann Aviation

The LA100 fully autonomous fixed-wing UAV was first introduced by Lehmann Aviation France about two years ago. Designed to carry the GoPro Hero camera and fly around capturing aerial shots, the LA100 was one of the most adored GoPro accessories until its second version came out.
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Best Accessories For Your GoPro Camera

As GoPro increasingly heads towards becoming the most adored hi-definition personal camera, many GoPro users are getting their hands on tools to accessorize their cameras with. To ensure you get the best out of your action cam, the following accessories take photo and video shooting to the next…
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