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The BMW M3/M4 Comes With An Integrated App For GoPro

If geting a GoPro suction cupped to the front part of your vehicle has been a headache, this new collaboration with BMW is just what you need. Giving you the perfect angle for capturing the scenic drive or road race that you’re pursuing, this partnership is going to be nothing short of…
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The Best Apps Of FIFA World Cup 2014

As the soccer plague catches up with every kind of enthusiast around the world, a selection of very impressive apps have been released in the spirit of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
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The international games will go on for a…
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An iPhone 6 Prototype With Curvy Screen

Adding fuel to rumors about a curved screen design for the upcoming iPhone 6, these photos of a dummy model by Sonny Dickson are pretty darn interesting. Why should we believe Sonny Dickson, you say? Because he has been a noted leaker of Apple products since the beginning of time. He recently…
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The Intelligent Back Cover For Your iPhone – Lunecase

iPhone covers usually serve just one purpose, but this one decided to set a different trend. An intelligent cover for your iPhone, the Lunecase is designed to recognize incoming messages and calls even before they are displayed on your smartphone’s screen. With two distinct alert icons for calls …
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Apple’s CarPlay Integrated In Volvo

After long anticipation and many prototypes, Apple finally teamed up with Volvo to offer the first public demonstration of CarPlay, held in the U.S. after it was introduced at the International Motor Show in Geneva this March, the in-car operating system was shown off at the International Auto…
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