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Qwerkywriter For iPad

A throwback to old-school typewriters, this modern mechanical keyboard with antique stylings, is a lovingly designed and unique product.
Typewritershave long been the domain of writers, bent over a cumbersome, yet beautiful machine, working late into the night on one frenzied piece or…
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LaMetric Customizable Smart Display

If you’ve been fascinated for long by display options that can be programmed according to your desires, then this new piece of technology is just the thing for you. Called the ‘LaMetric’, this device is a ticker-like, small display that is connected to the Internet and is fully progr…
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Quitbit – A Smart Lighter That Helps You Quit Smoking

If you’ve been struggling with quitting smoking since the beginning of time, here is an easy fix. Who knew that the one thing that could truly help you quit smoking would be what you use to light your cigarettes with?
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Niwa – Grow Your Plants With Your Smartphone

A world first, this smartphone-controlled plant growing system called Niwa is the best way to have the freshest and healthiest food right at your fingertips. With this new technology gadget of 2014, you can come home to a fresh produce every day, and subsequently build a healthier, safer and…
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Bureo Skateboard – Made From Recycled Fishnets

The Bureo Skateboard was an idea that was brought to life by three friends David, Kevin and Ben, inspired by a deep connection to the ocean environment. Aimed at freeing the oceans of plastic, these skateboards were designed to make use of fishnets in their production.
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Draw In The Air With The LIX 3D Printing Pen

If you’ve been following the advent of the 3D printer into this world, you’d be pleasantly relieved when you read about this innovative new product. The 3D pen was first introduced as 3Doodler, a Kickstarter project that took everyone by storm.
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Ouya New Video Game Console

Posing as tough competition to the existing gaming consoles that we all know and adore, OUYA is an all-new product that works with your TV and is powered by Android. OUYA looks like a tiny little box, but don’t be deceived – it is packed with power. To produce games for the living room, you as a …
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Cella – The Home For Plants In The City

If you live an urban life, you probably feel that you don’t see enough nature in your day, or at least you know a couple of people who are dying get some nature in their life. The truth is that man is part of nature, and to some degree, we want to feel ‘a part of it’– that is why everyone is goin…
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Tesla Feature Film

What better way to understand how the 20th century came out, than by getting to know the man who literally invented it? Introducing Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American Inventor, visionary and genius, who changed the way the world works.
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Tesla was a…
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