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Be.e Electric Scooter Made From Bio-Composite & Flax

Dutch firm Waarmakers, in conjunction with Van.eko, launched the first model of an incredible machine on June 27. It’s an electric scooter dubbed the Be.e, which features a body made entirely of biocomposite.
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The Be.e features a m…
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LaMetric Customizable Smart Display

If you’ve been fascinated for long by display options that can be programmed according to your desires, then this new piece of technology is just the thing for you. Called the ‘LaMetric’, this device is a ticker-like, small display that is connected to the Internet and is fully progr…
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MIT’s CityHome Can Make Your Apartment Huge

A futuristic device that can make your tiny apartment feel and work like a spacious penthouse, the CityHome is a motorized and compact ‘home in a box‘, created by the Changing Places team from MIT Media Lab. Making a 200 square foot space feel like a room three times its size is no…
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Turn Fire Into Electricity With The BioLite BaseCamp Stove

As everything in your home starts to get invaded by technology, why should the stove feel left out? Introducing the BioLite BaseCamp Stove – an advanced off-grid cooking and charging stove for groups, powered by wood.
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A new technology gadget of 2014, t…
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The Intelligent Back Cover For Your iPhone – Lunecase

iPhone covers usually serve just one purpose, but this one decided to set a different trend. An intelligent cover for your iPhone, the Lunecase is designed to recognize incoming messages and calls even before they are displayed on your smartphone’s screen. With two distinct alert icons for calls …
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Tado Heating App

What is better than an app that can control the temperature of your room? That’s right, nothing is. The Tado heating App is a remote thermostatic control interface that relies on user location based temperature information to help you regulate the surrounding heat.
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