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Brasse 31BLK Mod Kit For Kawasaki Ninja 250

If you’re absolutely sick of there being only two extremes in the kind of motorcycles we get these days, here is one with a whole new outlook. Named the BRASSE 31BLK Mod Kit for the Kawasaki Ninja250, this bike was made for the riders who wish for everything in moderation.
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The LAPD Just Got a Military-Grade Zero MMX Electric Bike

One of the biggest reasons why cops in the U.S.A. prefer motorcycles over patrol cars is that they give them unique benefits like faster acceleration and convenient maneuvering. The vehicles are also incredibly fuel-efficient, and that is probably by the LAPD is going for these super cool…
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Project LiveWire – The First Electric Motorcycle By Harley Davidson

Harley Davison is the first motorcycle manufacturing company in the U.S.A., and has always held its values of traditional design and engineering. With changing times though, comes a change in the type of motorcycles the world rides, too.
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Ducati Multistrada D-Air

Introducing the first ever production motorcycle to be wirelessly integrated with an airbag riding jacket, Ducati is all set to unveil the Multistrada D-Air. Available in Europe only starting from May 2014, this Italian innovative model makes a substantial contribution to safety on two…
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