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Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbuds

Not very long after Apple acquired Beats, the audio company has jumped right into introducing a range of high-end headphones to the world, including the Powerbeats2 Wireless.
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Made to work without any cables, these headphones are for anyone who tends…
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Coldplay Lyrics Hunt – Ghost Stories

Are you getting bored of Coldplay already? If you are, think again – the whole world is on the move, as part of a phenomenon. Coldplay has spread handwritten lyric sheets across the globe, for their fans go on an epic treasure hunt.
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Starting In Mexico Ci…
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Dubstep Visualised In Fire

You know that feeling when you wished you could bring music to life in some way? Well, these science demonstrators decided to make that idea a reality with this innovate device.
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Fysikshow, A Danish team of science demonstrators created the Pyro Board, which is a fire d…
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B Classic Belgian Music Festival

If you haven’t heard of B Classic, then let’s just say that you don’t know what a real musical festival is like. Originating from Belgium, this festival is entirely devoted to classical music and has recently broadened its audience to not just the old but also the new.
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