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Sandro Giordano’s Photo Series Of Bodies With No Regret

Created by Sandro Giordano, an artistic photographer from Italy, this photo series is nothing short of entertaining. Titled ‘In Extremis – Bodies with no regret‘, the pictures capture people in a state of fallen down bliss of sorts.
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What Happens When You Give A Photographer An Old Russian Spacesuit

A wedding and event photographer hailing from Iowa, Tim Dodd has some rather fascinating pictures to share of his astronaut adventures. It all started when he bought himself an old Russian astronaut’s suit in an auction.
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He couldn’t use the suit for what it…
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Viral Video: Around the World in 360° Selfies

As the obsession with selfies starts to take over our lives more and more, here is one person who puts it to use in a way that his viewers are completely fascinated. Alex Chacon, a photographer, has been throttling around the world for 600 days, taking selfies everywhere.
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Best Animated GIFs By Romain Laurent

Hailing from France, Romain Laurent is a photographer who does seem very weird things with the photos he clicks. No, it’s not what you think. Romain creates a series of absurd and twisted looping portraits every week, and every one of these pictures is a must-see.
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Colored Food Series – Blue turkey with a side of green noodles?

Colored Food Series – Lawrie Brown
Green Ice Cream

© Lawrie Brown
Lawrie Brown, fine arts photographer from California, warps our perception of every day foods with this vibrant and somewhat bizarre photo series. Using latex paints, Lawrie boldly covers every day foods in bright unnatural col…
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