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The Ultimate Selfie Design By Sebastien Del Grosso

Sébastien Del Grosso is a unique French artist who has taken to merging photography with sketches to draw the attention of viewers worldwide. Here is a rather captivating series of images created by him which depict him repeatedly drawing things and even himself into existence. The collection of …
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Illustrations Of Game Of Thrones Characters By Mordi Levi

Hailing from Israel, Mordi Levi is a rather talented graphic illustrator and designer who is the genius behind these incredible pictures of Game of Thrones characters in a unique art style.
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Looking like a whole lot of polygons got integrated into their…
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Flying Citroën Cars Series By Jacob Munkhammar

Transforming conventional models of Citroën into something never seen before, this artist brings out the concept of flying cars by giving them a whole new twist. This is different from the Air Drive series because these are a series of images of antique cars given a fresh new look.
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