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A Promotional Video By Bernard Magri For Solo

Produced by Bernard Magri, a British animator from the UK, this promotional video is nothing short of inspiring. The video advertises Solo, which is a project management tool that assists creative freelancers. What sets Solo apart from the rest is that it has a rather charming user interface…
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Asif Khan Becomes The First Cannes-Award Winning Architect

If you have been following the 2014 Winter Olympics, you would have seen the Megafaces structure at one point or another. Yes, that building-like structure that was capable of recreating faces of visitors in 3D.
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The designer-architect…
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Project LiveWire – The First Electric Motorcycle By Harley Davidson

Harley Davison is the first motorcycle manufacturing company in the U.S.A., and has always held its values of traditional design and engineering. With changing times though, comes a change in the type of motorcycles the world rides, too.
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Helping To Make Friends With The Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

Everyone remembers their first day at college – and most of those memories are filled with feelings of awkwardness and anxiety. But that won’t happen anymore, because the Coca-Cola’s Friendly Twist Campaign is here to save the day! Using a clever new way for freshers at a university in Columbia t…
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Dubstep Visualised In Fire

You know that feeling when you wished you could bring music to life in some way? Well, these science demonstrators decided to make that idea a reality with this innovate device.
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Fysikshow, A Danish team of science demonstrators created the Pyro Board, which is a fire d…
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Sadabike – The Bike With No Spokes

Carrying around your bike is a task you definitely wouldn’t want to undertake, and perhaps the only solution to the challenge is to get yourself a folding bike. Here is a cool new project aimed at developing a cycle that has standard 26” wheel dimensions, yet can be transported effortlessly like …
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