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Germany’s Dusseldorf Airport Now Has A Robot For Valet Parking

Take heed, for technology is making attempts to take over every aspect of life as you know it. A whole new method of valet parking has dawned upon us, and it will not need any humans at all. At the Dusseldorf Airport in Germany, the Ray – a robotic system, parks cars for customers in the…
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Take Handsfree Selfies With The GoCam App

The selfie craze is fast taking over every aspect of our lives, and countless gadgets and apps have come to being to make the task of selfie-taking easier. The GoCam app is one such mobile app that is aimed at letting you take a picture of yourself without touching any part of your screen or…
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The Brazil Fourteen Poster By Karoshi

As the FIFA fever rages on, what better way to honor its advent than with a work of simplistic art that celebrates it? Brazil Fourteen is one such treat to the eye that was made specially to mark the ongoing World Cup in Brazil.
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Wildlife Selfie Campaign By Silvio Medeiros

Art director Silvio Medeiros collaborated with Diomedia Stock Photos Brazil as a promotional campaign for their new collection of wildlife images to develop a humorous advertising series.
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It’s all in here – from pandas in elevators to gorill…
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A Connected Lab-In-A-Box For On-Demand Health Testing

As quantified self and quantified health trends frequently overlap, only a handful of startups are tightly screwed into that sticking place. Cue is one of them; a San Diego-based startup, which was founded back in 2009 in the midst of the swine flu peak.
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Jump Self-Charging Cable For Your Smartphone

Taking a simple idea to the next level, here is Jump – a charging solution that utilizes cable + battery + intelligent circuitry to fit your lifestyle perfectly.
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If you absolutely hate running out of power on your Smartphone and would do anything …
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The Nod Smart Ring That Controls Everything

Sitting on your index finger, the Nod smart ring lets you control compatible apps and systems almost like magic. Okay, it’s not magic –it’s technology – but at least that’s what it looks like.
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Thanks to Nod, you can finally get rid of your…
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Money Wall – A Perfect App For Your Expenses

Money Wall is an innovative and well designed free app designed to help you in managing your expenses and budget.
One of the strenghts of this app is the simple way of using. As we said in another post, flat design is a real trand and a lot of developers and designers are adopting it. Flat …
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Niwa – Grow Your Plants With Your Smartphone

A world first, this smartphone-controlled plant growing system called Niwa is the best way to have the freshest and healthiest food right at your fingertips. With this new technology gadget of 2014, you can come home to a fresh produce every day, and subsequently build a healthier, safer and…
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The Intelligent Back Cover For Your iPhone – Lunecase

iPhone covers usually serve just one purpose, but this one decided to set a different trend. An intelligent cover for your iPhone, the Lunecase is designed to recognize incoming messages and calls even before they are displayed on your smartphone’s screen. With two distinct alert icons for calls …
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