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Printed Pasta, Cereal And Burgers Are On Their Way

If you are a foodie of the kind who doesn’t fancy waiting around for your food to be made, this might interest you on many levels. From the insights of a 3D printing expert who cofounded the design studio called Freedom of Creation, here are some reasons why food is undeniably the next…
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Cardboard: virtual reality on your smartphone

Among the more interesting “products” introduced at last month’s Google I/O Conference was Google Cardboard, a do-it-yourself virtual reality kit. Google with Cardboard allows anyone to experience virtual reality in a fun and cheap way.
How? Transforming your smartphone into a…
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Galaxy 11 – The Game

The Galaxy 11 game is totally new to you? Do you remember when figures of aliens were spotted around the globe and in different stadiums in Europe? (get more inspiration about it).
Well, the Galaxy 11 Team┬áhas already been set up for fighting aliens and save the planet in this earth-saving game. …
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