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A Promotional Video By Bernard Magri For Solo

Produced by Bernard Magri, a British animator from the UK, this promotional video is nothing short of inspiring. The video advertises Solo, which is a project management tool that assists creative freelancers. What sets Solo apart from the rest is that it has a rather charming user interface…
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OK Go’s New Video is Full Of Optical Illusions

Released on June 17th, 2014, the new music video for OK Go’s new song called Writings on the Wall is downright incredible. With a history of amazing videos for their songs, this one comes as no surprise for viewers and fans alike. Quirky yet very artistic, the video makes you question …
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Shark Attack Accidentaly Filmed With GoPro

What if you’re practicing cliff jumping and the first thing you hear after emerging to the surface is “Shark! Shark! Behind you!“.
This guy was very lucky, because after adjusting his GoPro on his head, jumping off the cliff and after noticing the shark right close to him, he…
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Tiny Burritos Eaten By Tiny Hamster

Posted on YouTube by HelloDenizen, this video shows the ultimate cuteness of all things miniature. This guy got his tiny hamster to eat an even tinier burrito, sitting on a tiny chair, with a tiny table and a tiny plate. I mean, can it get any more aww-inducing? The best part about the video…
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Skype Makes Group Video Calls Free For Everyone

Skype has been around for more than ten years now, and boy, does everyone love it. While it’s a lot of fun to be able to talk to and see your near and dear ones from oceans away, its not always convenient when its more than two people.
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Life Adventure By Jurian Gravett

This six-minute video encompasses a traveler’s journey around the continent of Asia in the most beautiful story-like way. Surveying different picturesque landscapes in every scene, the video is nothing short of inspiring.
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