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The Quest For Sea Ice – A GoPro Video About Polar Bears

Following polar bears around in the Arctic Ocean with GoPro cameras is no piece of cake, but an even bigger struggle is these animals’ quest to find an abode of ice. This is a video made in collaboration with Arctic Exploration Fund, focused solely on these big white furry bundles of joy, and s…
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Wildlife Selfie Campaign By Silvio Medeiros

Art director Silvio Medeiros collaborated with Diomedia Stock Photos Brazil as a promotional campaign for their new collection of wildlife images to develop a humorous advertising series.
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It’s all in here – from pandas in elevators to gorill…
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A Google Glass Explorer Story: Into The Wild

Of all the official videos on the Google Glass YouTube page, this is perhaps one of the more inspiring ones. A partnership of Google Glass with WWF, this video shows an Explorer Story in search of rhinos through the jungles of Nepal. Bringing to light the fact that Google Glass can be used as a…
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